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Dispatches from the Jerky Trail

  • Looking East

    Most Californians (and almost all non-CAs) only see the Eastern Sierras from their car window speeding by.  There's so much beyond this view of the...
  • Coppertop BBQ

    This is one of those appliances that gets better and better with repeated usage
  • Cattle on the Coastal Range

    Hard to feel fenced in up there, just a stone's throw from the beaches
  • Sportsman's Paradise in Mendocino County

    Some of the popular year-round offerings for divers and shore-based anglers are lingcod, rockfish, cabazon and mussles.  June to October is the tim...
  • Mendocino

    Fishing boats are everywhere.  Sometimes the weather and seas are rough, but the year-round fisheries offer salmon (when the season is open), albac...
  • Up in Fort Bragg.....

    North of the San Francisco Bay, a storied part of old California where the beaches are very different from the central and southern part of the sta...
  • The Springs off 395

    It's BLM land so you can camp for free.
  • Morning at the Wild Willy Hot Springs

    Unbelievable views of the eastern Sierras from the hot tubs large enough to comfortably fit two dozen