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Sierra Madre is a small town in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, where you’ll find the starting point for the trail up historic Mt. Wilson.


It’s been a small town for over a century, and still has no traffic light.  But generations of hikers & trekkers have made it a last stop for provisions needed to power that climb, sometimes at pack stations that doubled as gambling houses and speakeasies.  Sierra Madre has reliably nourished all kinds of hungry visitors from far away.  

This is where we launched our Quality Provisions based on craft jerky techniques.  Starting with Dried Beef, our selections grew to seven styles & 48 Flavors. Today we continue Sierra Madre’s legacy of keeping adventurous folks well-stocked with nourishment that's lastsing, fortifying and shareable. 

Contact us at:  Sierra Madre Provision Company

                         P.O. Box 1261

                         Sierra Madre, CA. 91025

                         (888) 680-5375


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