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Dispatches from the Jerky Trail

  • Another satisified customer (continued)

      Chris Strople, pioneering skateboarder and native of Sierra Madre, California.  As a restless teen, he and his friends snuck into backyards with ...
  • Another satisfied customer

    Frank lives in the country part of LA County. His earthquake kits includes lots of bags of jerky, as does the glove compartment of his beloved Chev...
  • Poached salmon

    ...prepared by the incomparable craftsmen at Fish King on Glendale Blvd.  A cowd-pleaser like few others
  • End of the road, and start of a new one

    Alas, every odyssey must end.  We rejoin the hive at rush hour, and all we have left of the joys of the open road is the abundant stash of jerky th...
  • Classic cars

    The classic Chevy, the classic VW bus
  • There's only one way.....

    A lot of rugged folks who put down stakes in California didn't forget their piety along the way
  • From the grasslands to the mountains

    This pathway has probably been around longer than most of California's major freeways
  • Mother Nature sneezes....

    ..and a palm tree trunk lies on a sparsely populated beach on the Central Coast
  • Mono Lake viewed when there are fast moving light clouds reflected on the surface of the water
  • Crossing the Sierras

    It's a great road most of the year.  But watch out during the heavy snow -- those crosses you see along the roadside are a somber reminder
  • Highway One on the Mendocino Coast

    Other than the pavement and the road signs, not much has changed in this part of the state.
  • En route to Doner Laker

    On the Eastern slope of the Sierras in Northeast California is where you'll find the freshwater Donner Lake, about 20 miles northwest of the much l...