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Wholesale Program

We’re a small craft-driven processor, with about 1/100th the volume of some of the Big Guys.  (Think your favorite artisan IPA label compared to those ginormous brewing companies.)  Our proprietary seasonings and marinades have been continuously refined & tested over 50 years.

The Gold Series is our style for Convenience and Grocery Stores

  • Thick Cut - 17 Flavors - Soft Style - 24 in a case
  • Floor Stand Spinner
  • 12 Flavors 
  • 8 - 24 Dozen 
  • High Merchandise Turnover Ratio
  • High Dollar Per Sq. Ft.
  • Top Quality / Competitive Price
  • Hand Packed / Larger Slices
  • Store-by-store, it’s a persistent top seller in the Jerky Category




Everything is hand-packed so that everyone gets larger slices



We produce Jerky in several styles, each with a range of flavors, in order to satisfy different markets.