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What do you like about it?


Richard the Rancher outside Houston, TX:

Texas rancher beef jerky 

The ranch is 170 acres, and two-thirds of that is raw woodland. There's a herd of 60-90 Axis deer, 30 geese, 10 peafowl and 50 assorted ducks, with two farm hands to help. The chores never end, and there's a batch of jerky over by that water can

Top flavors?  Teriyaki, Cowboy & Old Fashioned

 Julie, Monrovia CA:

beef jerky protein Pilates women

This is the easiest way in the world to be good to yourself.  It's keto-friendly and it powers me through Pilates and whatever else the day has in store.

 Chris, the local who made good:

Chris Strople skateboard Sierra Madre jerky

I'm a native of Sierra Madre.  This is a town with steep hillsides, sharp switchbacks and serious  barbeques.  Jerky was a good thing to have on the Mt. Wilson Trail.  I brought provisions with me on my tournaments to remind me of the Canyon.

--  Chris Strople, pioneer of a new kind of skateboarding when the swimming pools went dry in the late-70s drought, who still skates regularly:

 Frank, from Thousand Oaks CA:

Chevy Nova beef jerky teriyaki

This stuff came in handy during the Woolsey Fire when we were evacuated, and I've built up a reliable stash in our earthquake kit.  With this on hand you don't just survive you endure.....And if I'm out in the Nova, there's at least two bags in the glove compartment.

Aidan, recent Occidental grad, on a cross-country road trip:


I went coast-to-coast (LA to DC), and a dozen bags of this stuff helped us through that long road trip.  Came in handy when I made friends along the way.  Texas and Tennessee especially.

A young Sierra Madrean at the local picnic in the park:

Ghost pepper? I ain't afraid of no ghost pepper.  I'm already half way through this bag!

 A lovely local Sierra Madrean:

We put a package in each of the grandkids' Christmas stockings every year.  This year there'll be another one for the new great grandkid!

Rocky, Lower SM Canyon

Don't often find this on the on the trail. Hikers hold on to their sh*t like we hold onto the nuts.

 Tom in Texas writes:

Who needs water in the desert when you've got Sierra Madre beef jerky in your saddle bags?

Mike in Memphis says:

I'm riding a street car named Teriyaki.

Ash & Lilly, in Eagle Rock CA: 

OMG! -- The absolute BEST Midnight Snack there is simply nothing more guilt-free!  Yum! Just go to @Ashley on Instagram if you don't believe me!

Zack in Grass Valley, CA:

Up in here in Gold Country, when I go fishing for the day at Doner Lake, I bring along a couple of bags of Cowboy and Dried Beef. It weighs less than the bait, but helps me last the whole day.